Friday, May 21, 2010

March Madness Betting Tips Online

March Madness

With so many action packed march madness games on the horizon, there will be several games that will grab your attention. The NCAA March Madness tournament is ready to get started and you know how exciting these games are. Imagine how great watching them will be when you have money riding on it.

March Madness Betting Tips

Pit the March Madness Tournament Selection Committee Against the Oddsmaker.

In first round games involving seeds 5 through 12, we typically when march madness betting we like to take the underdog and the points. Often times the oddsmakers, realizing the march madness betting public pension for betting favorites often time place a great value on the lower seeded team. Cash in on it.

1.Beware of the "Guards Dominate" Trap for March Madness Betting
The simple fact is that there are a lot more guards out there than there are centers. Therefore, smart march madness betting is to simply base on pure "law of averages", there will be more guard-oriented teams advancing.

2.Only Bet on Teams you are Familiar With
Don't bet just to be march madness betting. Try to stick with teams from your area or that are members of a conference that you follow closely. There are 32 games in the first round alone, so avoid the feeling that you need to handicap all 32. Remember, march madness betting is different from office pools in that you need to find good value teams to bet on, not pick the winner of every game.

3.Watch for late-season momentum.

4.Don't overlook favorable travel and playing sites.

5.The quality and depth of a squad's bench is important.

6.Team experience is almost always crucial to march madness betting.

7.The coach. Someone who has "been there, done that" in past tournaments is a major resource.
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